Looks Like Nothing

Looks Like Nothing The Shadow Through Air.

Circle Press 1972,

Limited numbered edition.

Illustrated relief blocks by Ron King.

The book is covered in multiple inlaid leathers including suede, calf & snakeskin.

The top edge is hand gilt in 24 Carat gold leaf. Lettering is tooled in white, purple and 24 carat leaf. Endpapers are leather jointed with Japanese Kozo paper doublures, which are tooled with purple arcs.


The cover artwork is a direct response to the poetry of Larry Eigner. The space between the lines, that Eigner creates, say as much to the reader as the words upon them.

The circular movement reflects Eigners constant referral to the moon, the sun and the interplay of light between the two. The gold dots are used to emulate the keys of  Eigners’ 1940’s Royal manual typewriter, which he used to type all of his poetry on.

The title is lettered around the book to reflect the informal style in which Eigner laid out his poetry on the page.


Private Collection UK


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