Germaine  de Coster & Helene Dumas

Catalogue Ressonaise


The individual pages were guarded and the book block was sewn on pleister tapes, which were frayed and laced into boards.

The spine was covered in three separate parts and the designed boards, once completed, were attached using the leather over boards technique.

The top edge was hand gilt in 24ct leaf and the headbands sewn in silk thread.

Endpapers were leather jointed and there are leather doublures, which have decoration of onlays and gold tooling echoing the cover design.

The book is housed in a quarter leather chemise and a leather entry slipcase.

The design was abstracted from a pencil, landscape drawing by Germaine de Coster.

Initially, the whole image was traced in simplistic linear form, outlining the buildings, mountains and sunrays, so that every pencil stroke was essentially accounted for. Areas of interest were then honed and focussed on until the main triangular form was realised.

The finished piece has only an essence of the original drawing but it is intended to convey the same idea of sunlight and shadow bouncing off multiple planes whilst crossing a vast landscape.

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